National ticket operator, Radario ticket system and Everscale blockchain platform have teamed up!
Now we are issuing NFT tickets together
Sell NFT - tickets and work with your audience in a new way. You can send an artist's autograph along with the ticket or make your ticket unique -
all this will remain with the viewer forever in his Surf wallet.
Sell NFT tickets on one of the tariffs
Select the product you are interested in and fill out the registration form
Radario Lite
Fares without commission and with direct withdrawal of funds for organizers selling up to 1,000 tickets per month.
Radario Pro
A fully functional ticket system for organizers and repertory venues of any scale
When issuing a refund, the NFT ticket disappears
You can go to the event either with an NFT ticket or with a regular one. But you can't use both formats at the same time.
NFT ticket remains forever, like an interesting memory.
Start selling
An example of a letter for a buyer can be found here